Choosing China for your manufacturing needs means that you are tapping into an almost unlimited supply of products at prices, which on average, are 30% lower than most other countries. However, there are still many obstacles, both culturally and legally, which make it difficult for importers to take advantage of China’s lower pricing.

Having an agent working on your behalf with a presence in China is critical to success. Working with Kong and Allan Consulting means having a dedicated partner who understands both your needs as well as those of the suppliers in China. Kong and Allan Consulting can work seamlessly with your team to ensure you are getting exactly what you want, at a competitive price, delivered on time to your designated location.

Our goal is take the complexity and headaches out of importing from China. Let us help you save money and have peace of mind.

Our Services:
Product Design and Engineering
Manufacturer Identification/Sourcing
Supplier Audits
Supplier Management
Quality Inspection
Logistics Management and Manufactured Goods Delivery