Powerful Statement to the Retail Industry

In a powerful statement that goes against most media reporting, Bradley A. Feuling, CEO, Kong and Allan Consulting, reiterated to the company’s retail partners, and the industry, that concerns over reported increases in retail pricing due to rising China costs were unwarranted and further cost savings still exist in the China supply chain.

In his email dated April 20, Feuling stated, “in recent months, I have noted a growing number of articles concerning rising costs in China, and how this will result in higher prices for US and European retailers and consumers. From our on the ground experience, I am happy to say that statements such as ‘every single retailer has and is paying more for the items they sell’ or ‘Americans, Europeans and other buyers will have to pay more’ can be proven inaccurate by improved execution in upstream supply chain operations. The reality remains; there are greater cost savings to be realized.”

To assure the company’s retail partners that efforts to further reduce prices will be achieved, Feuling went on to emphasize Kong and Allan Consulting’s commitment, “the commitment we make to our retail partners stands; our team will actively continue to identify cost saving methods that go against market trends for all of our clients.”

As many cost influences, such as raw material pricing, logistics freight rates, currency exchange risk and salaries in China rapidly rise, Feuling’s comments come as an encouragement to the retail industry that increasing costs can be offset. Feuling even went as far as to say, “our team pushes itself to implement innovative techniques, reducing operational inefficiencies to maintain competitive pricing or lower costs for our retail partners over a period of time that exceeds the industry average. We realize that our client partners do not like to see price increases at every turn, and believe that through smarter business practices, this can be accomplished.”

In 2009, Kong and Allan Consulting was named the Best Supply Chain Consulting Partner in Asia and in 2010, Kong and Allan Consulting was recognized as one of the Most Admired Supply Chain Consulting Firms in China.