ADVISORS: Roger Stewart

Mr. Stewart’s teaching interests are International Finance, Capital Markets, and Financing Strategy. He teaches in the full time and executive MBA programs. He has dramatically grown student involvement in International Finance and introduced a new course in Financial Instruments dealing with latest market developments in mortgages, mortgage backed securities, other asset backed securities, and credit default swaps. As Director of the Graduate Services, he assists over 400 Krannert masters students in developing their career strategies and job searches.

He is the retired Vice President of Global Treasury for Procter & Gamble (P&G). He led the centralization of P&G’s global cash management with over 90% of cash directed to two legal entities. Cash management is handled using software designed by Wall Street Systems and SAP. P&G’s risk management techniques, developed before his retirement, are considered among the very best of global firms. Worldwide foreign exchange, interest rate, and commodity price risks are managed via Value-at-Risk software designed with RiskMetrics, Inc. This has reduced to significant improvement in risk management at dramatically lower costs.

During his time at P&G, Mr. Stewart managed their $15 Billion debt portfolio, $6 Billion in cash, $25 Billion in pension assets, its insurance organization, and the Company’s offshore funding. He has financed P&G’s business in Central and Eastern Europe right after the fall of the Berlin wall, Latin America through the numerous financial crises of the 1980’s and 1990’s, and the Asian crisis of 1997.

Mr. Stewart’s outside interests are/or have been the United Way, Cancer Family Care, church boards, impoverished neighborhood redevelopment, and he is currently an honorary member of Mortar Board, an honors fraternity dealing in leadership, scholarship, and service for Purdue undergrads.